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Effortlessly Scale Your GHL Agency!

Use our suite of tools to grow your agency, selling the tools at your price, with your mark ups, as if they are your own proprietary software.

Use Our Tools To Get More Clients, Then Sell Our Tools To Your Clients To Grow Their Businesses

Our Tools help agencies find their clients, but the very tool that you use to find them, is the very tool that you can offer to them to use to grow their businesses.

"If I was going to create a Youtube video about my experience signing up with this awesome system, it would be called, "How I made 13 sales in 24 hours using ONLY organic traffic"! Great job guys! You are changing the marketplace with this product and helping so many struggling agencies scale their businesses."


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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers!

Do I get the email address for every single lead?

Yes, each company that is supplied in the search results with an email address is considered a lead. If an email address is not supplied, a credit is not used.

How are you different from other lead sourcing softwares?

All of our data is sourced in real-time, whereas other lead software use outdated and old databases which they sell over and over again.

Do you have support if I get stuck?

Yes, we have a help desk and most questions are answered within 30 minutes or less, as well as an active and engaged Facebook Group.

Do you have training videos?

Yes, we have a complete walkthrough training course to help you get set up and feel confident to start selling.

How much technical experience do I need to use Comet?

If you have a basic understanding of GHL, you will easily be able to use our integrated software.

Is your software a scraper?

We do not scrape any data as scraping is considered an illegal practice. We use API's and are transparent with all data sources to be sure that we are above reproach with email compliance laws.

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